A World in Crisis: How Leadership Model Must Adapt

T. D. Jakes’ Relief Efforts Ignite Faith While Church Doors Remain Closed 

Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the most trusted and influential global spiritual leaders, recognizes the dire situation for the most vulnerable citizens. His approach, “leaders don’t run away from crisis, they run toward it,” sets a standard of leadership excellence that ignites faith in those who seek refuge during times of crisis, even as church doors remain closed. 

Since the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic in early March, Jakes, founder of The Potter’s House, a nondenominational megachurch and humanitarian organization, has implemented a strategic and scalable international relief model that continues to serve thousands of individuals and families.

“I don’t care who you are, this is a time for every disciple, every preacher, every CEO, every leader, every artist, to come off your stage for a minute and figure out how you can serve somebody,” said Jakes. “It is our collective contribution that will help us survive during turbulent times and thrive in the good times.”

Jakes, a man of humble beginnings, understands the struggle of crisis, poverty, hunger and its traumatic impact, firsthand. His personal life challenges from childhood have compelled him to focus efforts on those needing the most support now, including emergency first-responders, disadvantaged church members, previously incarcerated citizens, displaced workers and communities disproportionately impacted by social determinants of health during times of escalated anxiety worldwide. 

Across the globe in Africa, a relationship with former Zambian Vice President Nevers Mumba allowed the Dallas-based ministry to aid nearly 2,000 families with essential resources and meals.

“What caught my attention is that people are being taught to properly wash their hands,” said Zunoraine C. Holmes, executive director of United MegaCARE, Jakes’ humanitarian arm. “Seems simple, but these efforts are teaching essential hygiene practices too.” Holmes, a respectable leader who lost his battle to cancer days ago, successfully oversaw teams in international territories under Jakes’ visionary leadership. In a recent social media post, Jakes honored Holmes for his leadership in philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. 

Back at home, Jakes and The Potter’s House of Dallas have delivered some 8,000 meals and counting across North Texas. The five separate locations of The Potter’s House model its founders’ courageous philosophy of leadership and giving:

  • North DallasThe New York Times bestselling-author and pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas, Sheryl Brady, surprised a hard-working single mother with a brand new car, last Sunday. 
  • Fort Worth: Pastor Patrick Winfield and team partnered with local community alliances to provide food access through a mobile food pantry initiative, serving over 2,000 households in April.
  • OneLA: Led by Pastors Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts, OneLA delivered inspirational services to the more than 6,000 individuals in local prisons through their customized video platform, in addition to teaming up with their local food pantry to feed its community. 
  • Denver: Local efforts provided hundreds of senior citizens with technology access and support, and food supplies, among other initiatives.

The Potter’s House broadcasts weekly services and exclusive online content, designed to meet the needs of todays’ distressed society and ignite faith even though church doors may be closed. To access the free streaming platforms, visit TDJakes.org/stream.



About The Potter's House
Located in Dallas, The Potter’s House is a 30,000-member nondenominational, multicultural church and humanitarian organization led by Bishop T.D. Jakes, twice featured on the cover of Time magazine as America’s Best Preacher and as one of the nation’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals. The Potter’s House has five locations: The Potter’s House of Dallas, The Potter’s House of Fort Worth, The Potter’s House of North Dallas, The Potter’s House of Denver and The Potter’s House OneLA. 


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