Ambassador Andrew Young and U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo Take Center Stage at ILS

T.D. Jakes’ annual conference continues to tap into the cultural zeitgeist to address critically timely topics facing U.S. and abroad

The forthcoming 2024 International Leadership Summit, set to take place at Dallas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, March 21-23, 2024, has gained a reputation for bringing together visionaries, thought leaders, and change-makers from around the world. As a part of the 13th annual conference, former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo will join an impressive roster of world-class speakers leading the charge for business and spiritual leaders from around the world who will gather. 

Civil Rights Icon Ambassador Andrew Young
A towering figure in the continued fight for the civil rights movement, Young played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of racial equality in the United States. As a key strategist and confidant to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Young played a crucial role in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), contributing to the success of landmark initiatives such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington. His dedication to the principles of nonviolent protest mirrored King's, and his leadership skills were evident in their collective efforts to advance civil rights. Young became a transformative force in the city of Atlanta, serving as its mayor from 1982 to 1990. Under his guidance, Atlanta experienced remarkable growth and economic development, solidifying its status as a major urban center.

As a member of Congress and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Young has witnessed a country in turmoil on a number of fronts and has a breadth of experience to share about leading through uncharted circumstances.

At this year’s summit, Ambassador Young will share insights on weathering leadership storms, drawing parallels between the challenges faced during the civil rights movement and those confronting leaders today.

Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo: A Visionary in Economic Leadership
Complementing Ambassador Young's historic perspectives, Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo brings a wealth of experience from the economic frontiers. As the Treasury Department's No. 2 official and chief operating officer, Adeyemo has been at the forefront of major economic policy decisions since the 2008 Financial Crisis. His journey spans public, private, and nonprofit sectors, demonstrating a commitment to building a stronger and fairer economy.

At the International Leadership Summit, Adeyemo's session will delve into visionary approaches to addressing critical economic issues during turbulent times. From his role in the aftermath of the financial crisis to navigating contemporary economic challenges, Adeyemo will share valuable insights on building resilient economies and fostering fairness in financial systems.

In a volatile culture, understanding and leveraging optimal timing is crucial for leaders, and no matter the industry, timing is everything. The International Leadership Summit continues to be one of the most transformative leadership conferences as a standard-bearer for values-based business learning and professional development.

The International Leadership Summit, for which Wells Fargo is the presenting sponsor, will be the first of three conferences the T.D. Jakes Group will host in 2024 to empower leaders and diverse communities around the world.

Media credentialing is now open, and applications may be submitted online.

The International Leadership Summit will welcome the following key industry leaders.

Andrew Young, former U.N. ambassador and chairman, Andrew J. Young Foundation
Wally Adeyemo, deputy secretary of treasury, U.S. Department of the Treasury
T.D. Jakes, CEO of the T.D. Jakes Group
Sarah Jakes Roberts, author, thought leader and co-senior pastor of The Potter’s House Church at ONE
A.R. Bernard, pastor, civil rights activist and founding senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center
Angela Williams, president and CEO, United Way Worldwide
Cynthia Marshall, CEO, Dallas Mavericks
Keion Henderson, author, entrepreneur and senior pastor of The LightHouse Church
John Hope Bryant, founder and CEO, Operation Hope
Dale Bronner, co-owner, Bronner Brothers Manufacturing Co.
Henry Cloud, clinical psychologist
… and more leaders of business and faith found on the website.  

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202

March 21-23, 2024

All members of the media—reporters, photographers, videographers and crew—are required to have and display credentials in order to cover events within the conference. Press may request media credentials for the International Leadership Summit by filling out this form. Applicants will be notified via email whether they are approved or declined for credentials. Information regarding where to pick up credentials, parking, facility access, interviews and other details will be sent, pending approval of credentials.  

About the International Leadership Summit
Founded by T.D. Jakes—real estate mogul, New York Times bestselling author, pioneering CEO and entrepreneur, global humanitarian, devoted philanthropist, senior pastor of The Potter’s House—the International Leadership Summit is an annual transformative conference. Since 2011, the conference has cultivated aspiring and tenured entrepreneurs and leaders with the tools to become successful in for-profit and not-for-profit industries.