Dorian Survivors Still Have Mega Needs

T.D. Jakes' MegaCARE Provides Relief Supplies in Bahamian Islands

The relief efforts from Hurricane Dorian are far from over. As the country grapples with rebuilding the popular tourist destination, United MegaCARE, the humanitarian arm of T.D. Jakes Ministries, is delivering a 40-foot container for people on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands that is scheduled to arrive this week. As seen in this video, the container consists of relief supplies including blankets, toiletries, baby supplies and medical supplies through a partnership with Baylor Scott & White. United MegaCARE is also providing 20,000 meals through its partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere and 2,000 tarps for shelter. United MegaCARE, in partnership with Matthew 25 Ministries, has already provided water, personal toiletries and emergency kits to orphanages in the region. 

As is often the case when natural disasters strike outside of the U.S., American nonprofits can find it difficult to deliver donations due to infrastructures being destroyed. United MegaCARE is one of the few who have boots on the ground in the Bahamas. 

The organization has also established a significant relationship with the Bahamian government and created a relief response model that will maximize and expand aid efforts to the areas most devastated. United MegaCARE will be able to provide help directly to those who need it without unnecessary delays. This is critical as United MegaCARE pledges a multi-year recovery project for the area. 

“The Bahamian people are still hurting and struggling to get by. We will not and must not forget them as time passes. United MegaCARE is poised and dedicated to being a long-term partner as we help to rebuild this great nation with them,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s House. 

Donations can be made by texting T5DR to 28950.

“It is always an honor to work alongside United MegaCARE to serve the community. When Baylor Scott & White’s Faith in Action initiative donated supplies for the relief work in Bahamas, we knew it was in able and safe hands,” remarked Sofia Alluri, manager of strategic resourcing for Baylor Scott & White’s Faith in Action initiative. “MegaCARE has done exemplary work in attending to the needs of those affected by the hurricane. This partnership has truly been a blessing”.

T.D. Jakes Ministries is also supporting the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation’s call for tourists to help boost the economy. The Bahamian economy relies on it for 60% of its revenue. The Faith & Family Cruise will port at Half Moon Cay and bring approximately 3,000 tourists to help contribute to the gross domestic product. United MegaCARE is also hiring dozens of local workers during the distribution of relief supplies to further contribute to the nation’s economy. 

Additional information on relief efforts by United MegaCARE can be found here. 

Media Opportunities: 

  • B-roll footage and photos of relief work 
  • Interviews in Bahamas with Zunoraine Holmes, executive director of United MegaCARE
  • Interviews in U.S. with Frank Dyer, chief operating officer for T.D. Jakes Ministries   

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