T.D. Jakes Calls for Unity Among COVID-19 Outbreak

“We have forgotten that we need each other….We have been petty where we should have been powerful. ” —T.D. Jakes

America’s Preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes offered words of wisdom and comfort to the nation yesterday during an online sermon (excerpts below):

“We have recognized that there is more to unite us than divide us….We have discovered what we should have known without this trouble: That we need each other. That we are better together than we are apart...it could be possible that God is calling us to a place of unity that nothing else has been able to do before…we have forgotten just to be nice.” (downloadable video clip)

“We have forgotten the children stuck at the border…we have forgotten kids are growing up in cages. Sometimes God has to send something to shake you to remember.” (downloadable video clip)

“God is calling us to a place of unity….We have been petty where we should have been powerful.” (downloadable video clip)

“We lost our way….America lost its way…” (downloadable video clip)

“God may use sickness, but he didn’t create it.” (downloadable video clip)

The complete sermon is available online. Additional downloadable video clips are available in the multimedia section of this online newsroom. 

The Potter’s House is broadcasting and distributing content regularly. The resources are specifically designed to address escalating concerns as social distancing mandates from health and government authorities are increasing. 

Wednesday, March 18, at 7 p.m. CT, Jakes will moderate a special Q&A taking questions from the world over with aims to infuse hope, understanding and accurate information. 

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