T.D. Jakes in the Midst of Racial Turmoil: You Can’t Be Pro-Life Just in the Womb

Jakes Harnesses Frustration to Challenge Americans to Evaluate Souls, Beliefs

America’s Preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes offered powerful words during this past Sunday’s online sermon (excerpts below) on how God will use a pandemic like COVID-19 to prepare people for focusing attention on disturbing trends, such as racial injustice:

“We cannot keep using power to destroy families, leave people trapped at the border, separate families—fathers from daughters and mothers from kids—and then say we’re pro-life. You can’t just be pro-life in the womb and not be pro-life after birth. You can’t be pro-life and then be for the death penalty.” (downloadable video clip, TRT 0:26)

“Because we’ve lost our tongues to speak out against craziness and destruction and disorder. And we’ve sold our souls for a photo; for an opportunity; for a name mention. We have walked away from our principles for power.” (downloadable video clip, TRT 0:39)

“America, hear me—if we don’t hear God here, it’s going to get worse. If we don’t stop bickering politically, it’s going to get worse. If we don’t stop killing innocent people, it’s going to get worse. If we don’t stop calling wrong right and right wrong, it’s going to get worse. If we don’t get a sense of justice irrespective of who it is, it is going to get worse. God is going to get our attention.” (downloadable video clip, TRT 0:26)

The complete sermon is available online. Downloadable video clips are available in the multimedia section of this online newsroom.

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